At the World’s End

World’s End

This was from a hike in Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka with friends last year. This place is known as the world’s end. The cliff shrouded in clouds is a sheer drop of  870m (2854 ft). It’s the most popular tourist attraction in the park. This lies in the 8km circular trail in the park which also includes the other attractions Mini world’s end & Bakers falls.

Horton plains is a plateau in the central highlands of Sri Lanka at an altitude of 2100m – 2300m. It’s listed in the UNESCO natural world heritage sites as part of the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

This was my fourth visit to the park. On two occasions i was fortunate to get clear views from the World’s end. It offers magnificent views of the tea estates below and all the way to the southern coastline. The best time to visit is in the mornings before nine after which the mist settles in.
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