Horton Plains National Park

During the 4 hours hike in the park we didn’t spot any wildlife even though this park has abundant Sambar Deer. After the hike we were having tea at the cafe near the entrance to the park and one of the attendants alerted me when he spotted a stag, as I was carrying a camera. Without even having a second thought I went after the stag trying to get as close as possible. Only later I realized when I was close enough to take a photo that I was having the wide angle lens instead of the zoom lens which was  in the bag at the cafe. I had ample time to change it if I had noticed before I left the cafe. I was cursing myself for my mistake and it was probably due to my relatively new experience with a SLR. I wished I had my old 18x zoom point & shoot camera.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity I tried to get as close as possible without scaring the stag. But as soon as it noticed me it started moving away with every step I took forward. Soon the lonely stag was joined by a small herd and they started taking various positions as in a defense formation and I became their center of their attention. At one point I was bit scared as it crossed my mind what if they start chasing me, but again I reassured myself that these are gentle creatures and as long as I don’t go any further I was safe. I remained still & took some photos. The herd disappeared into the plains within few minutes.

Another photo of the stag can be seen here.

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